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Publishers' Forum 2012

Publishers’ Forum 2012

23 April 2012, Audience23-April-2012, Brian O'Leary23-April-2012, Registration23-April-2012, Audience23-April-2012, CPI23-April-2012, Ulrich Klopotek
23-April-2012, Audience23 April 2012, Brian O'Leary23 April 2012, Audience23 April 2012, Michael Healy23 April 2012, Peter Clifton23 April 2012, Christian_Dirschl
23 April 2012, Michael Healy23-April-2012, Lunch23-April-2012, Dr. Uwe Naumann23-April-2012, Audience23-April-2012,Pause23-April-2012, Christian Damke
23 April 2012, Peter Clifton23-April-2012, Audience23-April-2012, Christine Hauck23-April-2012, Audience23-April-2012,  Prof. Tim Bruysten23-April-2012, Dr. Frank Schoenefeld

Publishers’ Forum 2012, ein Album auf Flickr.

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