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Publishers’ Forum 2018

Publishers’ Forum 2018

Beyond Publishing – Direct-to-Consumer, Big Data, ArtificiaI Intelligence: enrich your organization’s mind-set to become a trusted provider of knowledge and services

Publishing has well expanded beyond books. As a result, new players have become powerful competitors in our industry. A new wave of technological innovation is transforming how content is produced, managed, and delivered. Target audiences of readers, professionals, or learners have abundant choice. So, publishers must embrace new business models to retain their position.

The debates at the Publishers’ Forum 2018 examined how this is impacting on publishers in all sectors by revealing new opportunities and challenging traditional ways of doing business:

  • Re-thinking consumer books, through a consumer lens and mind-set;
  • Upgrading the publishing toolbox to unleashing the power of digital, especially in controlling, data management, marketing and sales;
  • Exploring a world in which artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, or multiple-media narrative are naturally built-in features;
  • Re-organizing publishing houses to accommodate extended value chains, co-operations and partnerships, agile management, resulting in confident teams.

The Publishers’ Forum 2018 presented strategic keynote addresses, high-level panel discussions, and hands-on workshops on each of these lead topics.

Putting a focus on experienced international thought leaders and experienced practitioners, the event blended provocative innovations with reality checks and balances to make your publishing operation future-proof.

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