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Publishers’ Forum 2015

Publishers’ Forum 2015

How to Reconstruct Publishing:
Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.

With the transformation of the publishing industry in full swing, the goal of the 2015 edition of the Publishers’ Forum Berlin was to identify exemplary perspectives and topics and illuminate the junction where strategic visions meet practical challenges and opportunities.

Due to the fragmentation of the market, the debate revolved around multiple key topics and driving forces, not just a single, central issue.

The programs of the Publishers’ Forum 2015 was grouped around the following lead topics:

Navigating successfully in uncharted waters

  • Making the best use of resources
  • Exemplary investment strategies in publishing
  • Re-organizing the value chain, in view of growing complexity and risks, with IT decisions taking center stage in all processes;
  • Attracting and organizing the Next Generation of talent

Exploring the new continents ahead

  • Embracing, understanding and assessing new models:
    A critical review of subscription and lending services.
  • When publishing goes Pop: How new cultures, new audiences, and new expectations impact on an old industry;
  • The author and the publisher: Re-defining a strained core-relationship
  • Publishing beyond publishers: How the publishers can respond

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